5 Reasons For Most Women To Undergo A Breast Lift Surgery

A breast lift is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cosmetic breast surgery. However you may not know that there are various reasons that make you think that it is worth permanently lifting your breasts with a breast lift.

1. Sagging breasts because of weight gain or loss

Too much of weight gain or loss can make your breasts stretch and sag with time which elongates full and rounded breasts to make the nipples and areolae aim downwards instead of the middle. With a surgical breast lift, it is possible to get rid of excess tissue and reshape your breasts with a rounded to give a self-supportive shape.

2. Aging and sagging breasts

Breasts tend to sag with aging and this sagging can be rectified with a breast lift Houston to make them look perkier and young. Moreover, depending on the breast size, your shoulders and neck tend to ache less or stop as they no longer strain to support your sagging breasts. You also no longer have to completely rely on highly supportive bras to shape your breasts!

3. Breasts that lack firmness

Aging, post-pregnancy and weight loss or gain leaves women with breasts that lack firmness. They thus require highly supportive bras to shape their breasts, and thus are perfect candidates for a breast lift. This surgery helps tighten breasts that lack firmness so that they no longer rely on bras to shape them.

4. Sagging breasts after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very common reason and factor for a woman to get sagging breasts. The breasts engorge a bit in preparation for breastfeeding and may have excess tissue that start drooping when you stop breastfeeding.

With a breast lift, you can correct such sagging breasts; however it is better to undergo the surgery once you have finished breastfeeding as you need a few weeks to convalesce before you can use your breasts to feed again.

You can still breastfeed if you have more children in the future after your breast lift as your plastic surgeon in Houston will perform the lift and even reposition the nipples and areolae such that it maintains breastfeeding functions.

5. Genetically elliptical breasts

Unfortunately, some women are born with genes that give elongated and elliptical breasts that resemble sagging breasts. So if you have sufficient breast mass which however is in an elongated and elliptical shape with the areolae and nipples at the tip of the breasts and facing downwards, you can undergo a breast lift as soon as your breasts stop developing, usually in the early 20s.

If you suffer from any of these reasons, and have decided that you should undergo a breast lift, make an appointment with your Houston breast augmentation surgeon to discuss your possible candidacy and surgical procedures.

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