How To Prepare Yourself Emotionally For Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery produces not only physical changes, but emotional changes too as many aspects of the surgery may leave you temporarily depressed or anxious. This is why you have to emotionally prepare yourself before undergoing a rhinoplasty, lest you end up in depression or shock if you are not ready for the surgery.

It is important that you organize your thoughts before surgery as medications and anaesthesia used for the rhinoplasty Houston surgery can alter your emotional balance. You can however reduce your recovery time and help with the progress of the surgery by being calm and relaxed throughout the surgery.

While preoperative jitters are normal, if you relax and trust your surgeon with his job, the rhinoplasty will go smoothly. No point in getting so worked up about the surgery that it leads to fright as this can lead to severe tension that interferes with the healing process. Just be alert and positive in your thinking as its normal to get excited thinking about your new nose!

Emotional Preparation For Rhinoplasty

There are various tips to bear in mind to help your mind ease its way into rhinoplasty surgery. Read on to learn about them:

1. Inform your surgeon about your wishes so that you can be mentally ready for the new nose you get.

2. Have all the things you will require immediately after surgery on hand like groceries, medication and food.

3. Take a look at old photographs and write down the reasons for your undergoing rhinoplasty.

4. Similarly, discuss all your nose concerns with your spouse and family and reassure them about your decision of undergoing the surgery.

5. Keep your medication ready some place where it will be with you and your medication time chart.

6. Keep reminding yourself that after the nose surgery, you will be tired, irritable, sore, bruised, swollen, unsure and possibly asymmetrical and depressed.

By doing all this, you will be emotionally and mentally prepared for the rhinoplasty and its consequences. However no matter how prepared you may think you are, it’s better to keep yourself prepared for the results of your operation as though you may think that you know everything about the surgery now, you may not remember all this later on when you see your new nose.

Few Days Before The Surgery

It is better to do whatever possible to relax yourself a few days before the surgery. You could perhaps take a nice, hot bath and wash your hair or light some candles and soak for a while. You could also consider playing some relaxing music while in the shower or tub.

Just keep reminding yourself that the surgery need not be stressful. Once you have decided that you will undergo the surgery, stress and worry will not make things better. In fact, stress only prolongs the healing time and leads to an increase in blood pressure levels. Instead, think of your new nose and how better you will look in the following weeks after the rhinoplasty!

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