6 Myths about Botox Injection

Botox is an effective means of wrinkle reduction where a 10 minute treatment of a few tiny injections is sufficient to reduce wrinkles for as long as 4 months. You can receive Botox injections at our Houston med spa – contact us for more details. Botox is basically a purified protein that reduces the activities of muscles that create wrinkles. Though Botox is successfully used by millions of people for wrinkle reduction, there are a few myths about the procedure.

Myth number 1: Your facial expressions get distorted.

It is possible for your facial expression to get distorted, but this happens only if there is an overdose or misdirected Botox injection. This is why it’s important to get your injection by a qualified physician and not at salons or mall stores.

Myth number 2: Botox is toxic to the body.

With pinpoint administration of Botox into a certain muscle or group of muscles, Botox effects are experienced only in the given area. As the concentration of Botox is so low, it cannot spread its effects outside the area.

Myth number 3: You will develop an addiction to Botox injections.

This is not true. As the effects of a Botox injection lasts for only a few months, once you start taking Botox injections, you continue taking it to ensure that you don’t see any unattractive wrinkles on your face. So Botox is not addictive; it is the desire to look young and without wrinkles that is addictive.

Myth number 4: Botox injections are stressful to muscles and painful.

On the contrary, in fact, Botox injections let your facial muscles relax, for some time, and is in no way stressful to you. Moreover, the injections are practically pain free, and there is no bruising at the injection site.

Myth number 5: You can get your Botox injections only after you turn 30.

It is possible for anyone above 18 years of age to get a Botox injection; however, the question lies whether a shot of beauty is required at such a small age. There are some teenagers who opt to use Botox injections to get rid of the mimic lines that they develop, as it is easier to treat these lines when the skin is smooth.

Myth number 6: Botox is used only for removing facial lines.

This is not true. As Botox was originally used for treating various neurological disorders like dystonias (movement disorders), writer’s cramp, head and neck tremors, facial spasms and even hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.  Recently, Botox in Houston has also been effectively used for treating chronic neck and back pain and even depression.

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