Three types of Bariatric Obesity Surgery for the extremely obese

Obesity is a problem that an increasing number of people suffers from today. While most people can reduce weight through diet and exercise, the extremely obese find it difficult to do so. In such cases, they turn to bariatric obesity surgery for help in losing weight.

Three types of bariatric obesity plastic surgery

1. The first option is the most common form of bariatric operations, and is called gastric bypass surgery. In this surgery, your doctor will create a small pouch near the stomach with the help of stapling.

This pouch is connected to the small intestine, and helps reduce the size of the stomach so that you don’t gain weight as easily as before. To ensure your body properly redirects nutrients and other materials from food consumed, the upper part of the intestine is reattached to a new configuration.

2. The second type of Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery to Reduce Obesity is a malabsorptive process where not only the stomach size is reduced, but a part of the small intestine is also connected to a stomach part.

The reason this is done is so that some parts of the intestine gets bypassed wherever the body does not absorb nutrients. While this is a common surgery, those undergoing the process need dietary supplements to avoid malnutrition and its consequent medical problems.

3. Vertical banded gastroplasty is the third form of bariatric obesity surgery where a part of the patient’s stomach is permanently stapled to create a smaller stomach. Though similar to gastric bypass surgery, the difference with this surgery is that there is no connection between the pouch and intestine here. Adjustable lap brands are usually used at the stomach top for controlling the surgery intensity; however there is still the fear of band slippage occurring here.

So if you are extremely obese, and are offered or suggested to undergo bariatric surgery, you have to make your choice between these surgery options. All you have to do is compare the pros and cons and corns of these different options, and with the help of your doctor, choose the right surgery option.

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