7 Benefits of FaceTite

Do you wish you had a tighter, more youthful-looking face and neck? While a surgical facelift is right for some patients, FaceTite is more suitable for others.

FaceTite is a minimally invasive procedure that provides results similar to a facelift without the surgery. It’s an advanced facial rejuvenation process made possible by advancements in laser technology.

FaceTite uses two probes, one just under the skin and one on top of the skin, to deliver radiofrequency energy to fat deposits and sagging skin. The energy pulses stimulate your body to produce more collagen, a protein that keeps your skin tight. The resulting improvements begin to appear shortly after completing the procedure and continue to enhance the texture and tightness of your skin for six months to a year.

Consider the benefits of achieving a more youthful look with nonsurgical FaceTite.


FaceTite tightens loose skin, especially in the jowl and neck area, more powerfully than any other non-invasive or minimally invasive skin tightening technique. It’s the only way to avoid surgery and still achieve results comparable to a surgical facelift.


If you’re nervous about the potential side effects and complications of surgery, FaceTite is the perfect option for you. Three feedback systems continuously monitor the treatment area and stop the flow of energy between the two probes when certain thresholds are reached to prevent over-treatment. This ensures the highest level of safety possible.

No Incisions, No Scars

Rather than requiring long incisions along your hairline and around your ears, FaceTite tightens your facial structures through tiny needle pricks. These minuscule entry points are made possible by the small diameter of FaceTite probes. The needle pricks are created in inconspicuous places that become virtually undetectable after a few days of recovery.

No Full Sedation

Most patients require only topical anesthetic to numb the treatment area. The chance to forego general anesthesia or full sedation eliminates any potential complications.

Combines Well with Other Techniques

You can couple FaceTite with other minimally-invasive techniques to reduce wrinkles, resurface your skin and otherwise maximize the results of your procedure. Your plastic surgeon will suggest the best options to suit your needs.


FaceTite is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. It’s highly customizable, with the ability to focus on trouble areas and deliver the optimal outcome.

Fast Recovery

If you have a busy schedule and don’t have the luxury of hiding behind hats and dark sunglasses for weeks after treatment, the ease of recovering from FaceTite will prove a huge benefit to you. FaceTite is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can return home the same day. You can expect some tenderness and swelling for a week, but you can skip the bandages and strict post-surgical requirements, opting instead for simple compression garments that help your skin achieve the best results.

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