Get the Cleavage You’ve Always Wanted with Breast Implants

When you think about improving the appearance of your bust line, cleavage – rather than size – may be the most important issue. After all, the distance between your breasts is an incredibly important aesthetic when considering breast implants. Here are some key questions to ask if you want to ensure you end up with the cleavage you’ve always wanted.

How will plastic surgery improve my natural cleavage?

During your breast implant consultation with your surgeon, several factors will be considered, including the distance between your breasts, the amount of breast tissue you have, and the tightness and laxity of your skin. All of these aspects affect the ideal location of your breast implant pockets.

The type of implant you choose (salinesilicone or gummy bear), as well as the width and profile of your implant, are also important. Your surgeon will take every consideration into account to achieve the ideal amount of separation between your breasts once the surgery is complete.

Remember, the type of bra and clothing you wear also affect your cleavage. You may want to opt for a natural look with the option of wearing a cleavage-enhancing bra when you choose.

How can I make sure I end up with the cleavage I want?

This is one of the most important questions to ask during your one-on-one consultation. Your surgeon will likely base your breast distance on your chest and torso measurements, along with your personal preferences. During your consultation, tell your surgeon if you feel your breasts are too far apart or close together. This ensures your doctor will take the appropriate surgical strategy to achieve the desired result.

How can I improve my cleavage after having a breast augmentation?

Perhaps you already have breast implants, but you’re not satisfied with the resulting cleavage. If you feel your breasts are still too far apart, this can be amended with fat grafting or corrective surgery to reposition the breast implant pocket.

You also have options if you feel your cleavage is too narrow. Repositioning the implant pocket is often effective, though in some instances, placing surgical tissue products is also required to keep your breasts adequately separated.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in breast implants, the best place to start is to find a board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston. Then, peruse before and after breast augmentation pictures from that surgeon’s prior operations. Pay careful attention to the area between the breasts. Make sure the photos show the true “after” status, with no bras or bikini tops that could create artificial cleavage. The final step is to contact the surgeon and schedule a consultation to discuss your wants and expectations.

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