9 Tips on Preparing for Breast Augmentation Surgery

So you have chosen your surgeon and are ready for your breast job.  Here are 9 tips before breast augmentation surgery.  These come into play after you’ve determined the right size and type of breast implants to use. Preparing for breast augmentation surgery is the next step. So here is a quick guide to help you prepare for your breast augmentation surgery.

1. First of all, if you smoke, you have to quit smoking. If you can’t completely quit smoking, at least stop smoking a fortnight before the surgery and don’t smoke for a month after the surgery. This is important as smoking increases the risks of the surgery as nicotine blocks the flow of blood to the surgery site.

2. Similarly, you have to stop taking blood-thinning medications like aspirin-containing product, vitamin E and anti-inflammatories at least two weeks before the surgery.

3. Make sure you understand all instructions of the surgery and fill out your prescriptions before undergoing the surgery. Thus the medicine is ready for you during the recovery period.

4. Move all the necessities you normally store on high shelves to the lower shelves as you should not reach high for things after a breast augmentation surgery. Make sure that everything you require is easily accessible to you. If this is not possible, have someone grab those things from the high shelves for you.

5. Your bed or recliner should be prepared for sleeping as you need to sleep with your upper body elevated a few days after the surgery. This is to ensure your implants stay in position. Similarly have lots of pillows and blankets nearby.

6. Buy cotton sports bras that do not have underwires as you need to have some comfortable support for a few weeks after the surgery. You also have to wear comfortable and loose clothes after the surgery.

7. Stock up on foods that are easy to digest after the surgery like jello, soup, crackers and applesauce. Also keep foods high in fibre, prune juice and laxatives ready as some pain medications can lead to constipation.

8. Have some packs of frozen peas or ice packs ready as you need them to control the swelling you experience after the surgery.

9. Last, but not least, have someone to drive you to and from your surgery, and to stay with you for the first night after the surgery. You need someone around you at home to help you fix food and retrieve anything you may require for a few days after the surgery.

All this is the usual preparation required for a breast augmentation. Any other specific preparation you will have to make will be advised by your plastic surgeon.

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