5 Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Surgery

There are many common questions patients ask about plastic surgery in Houston before undergoing any surgery. If you too are planning to undergo some form of plastic surgery, here are answers to the common doubts and queries you may have about the surgery.

1. Who is the best candidate for the surgery?

The best candidate is one with realistic expectations and understands the limitations of medicine, technology and the patient’s body. The candidate has a strong self-image and a great reason for pursuing a plastic surgery procedure. They also know that while they undergo surgery to improve a physical trait, the surgery will not change their perception of the surgery.

2. Is there any ‘best’ age to undergo plastic surgery?

No, there is no rule about the right age for plastic surgery. The right age for any procedure is determined based on individual cases, based on the patient’s unique body type and the aging process.

Of course, some procedures have certain age tendencies like a facelift, which are not performed on patients aged below 30. Instead, a mini facelift or some laser procedure may be suggested. However Otoplasty is a plastic surgery that can be performed on patients as young as 5 years old.

3. Are there any differences between reconstructive and cosmetic surgery?

There is. While cosmetic surgery is performed to improve or change the healthy, normal and functioning part of the body, reconstructive surgery helps correct physical abnormalities created by birth defects, physical trauma, disease or tumour or by infections.

Cosmetic surgery is performed only because of the patient’s desire for necessary physical improvements while reconstructive surgery is performed to restore some function, or to achieve physical normality.

4. Does plastic surgery have insurance coverage?

This is based on the procedure you plan to undergo. If the surgery is performed for a cosmetic reason, you will not get any coverage. However if the surgery is performed for reconstructive purposes, it may be partially or fully covered by insurance.

So procedures that may get coverage are rhinoplasty for correcting breathing problems, breast reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) to correct vision problems and tummy tuck surgery for gastric bypass patients.

5. Is plastic surgery painful?

Different plastic surgeries have different levels of discomfort, and thus require different methods of anaesthesia. Generally your personal pain threshold and preferences for safety and comfort determine the type of anaesthesia to be used for the surgery.

A topical aesthetic is enough for minor and non-invasive surgeries while local anaesthetic with perhaps some sedation is required for minor and non-invasive surgeries. General anaesthesia is usually used for more involved surgery.

Of course, there are additional queries and doubts you need cleared about plastic surgery before undergoing a surgery. However these are the most common questions, and should thus clear most of your doubts and apprehensions.

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