A Better Understanding of Laser Hair Removal

In a bid to get rid of unsightly body and facial hair, both men and women use permanent laser assisted removal to get rid of this hair. Though it is possible to shave and wax off excess hair, it can become a burden to may.

In laser hair removal, light energy penetrates the skin to convert into heat on penetration. This causes thermal injury to the hair follicle which in turn disables the hair follicle and inhibits its re-growth.

However as laser hair removal is most effective during the growth stage of hair, and because hair tends to grow in cycles and follicles don’t grow together, it is better to carry out laser hair removal in sessions to get best results.

Use of anesthesia

Sometimes, depending on your pain tolerance levels, your doctor may consider applying topical anesthesia or numbing cream at the hair removal site to minimize pain. Laser hair removal lasts for as short as ten minutes or can last as long as an hour, deepening on the area to be treated.

The lasers used in laser hair removal are all approved for hair removal. These lasers are approved by the FDA to help with the permanent reduction of hair growth and not with its permanent removal. This is because sometimes, hair tends to regroup in certain regions of your face, especially if it was not treated well during its appropriate stage.

Side effects

There may be some reddish and swollen swelling on the treated regions, which can be remedied using creams or ointments. Though you can immediately return to your normal activities it is better to avoid sun exposure. You will find some hair appearing in the treated regions within a few weeks of laser hair removal once dead hair falls out.

Basically, there are no side effects associated with laser hair removal as it is safe and effective. Sometimes, there may be cases where you find changes in pigmentation, blistering, scarring and burning which are usually temporary.

The right candidate

Successful candidates for laser hair removal are those with hair darker than their skin and fair skinned people with black and brown hair. However those with blonde, red and gray hair will be unhappy learning that they will not respond to laser hair removal as they don’t respond well to this procedure.

Houston laser hair removal costs depend on the size of skin to be treated, and can be rather risky. This is why plastic surgeons in Houston advise undergoing a treatment schedule comprising of four sessions for effective and complete hair removal.

Disclaimer: *Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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