Skin Care After Laser Hair Removal

If you have lots of body and facial hair, laser hair removal is a great way to permanently get rid of all this hair. With laser removal, you are rid of the task of shaving and waxing hair every so often. However, laser removal tends to leave your skin much more sensitive than usual.

Tips for Skin Care After Laser Treatment for Hair Removal

Here are some suggestions to take care of your skin after laser hair removal.

Choose Skin Care Products Carefully

Choose your skin care products wisely. It’s better to use products that are milk based, preferably with green tea and rosemary as they help reduce irritation and discomfort. These skin products can also be applied on inflamed, sunburn skin for relief.

As chocolate based skin products have anti-inflammatory agents and skin softeners, apply them after laser skin removal to instantly soothe your skin.

Avoid Facial Makeup Temporarily

After laser hair removal on delicate areas of your face, or laser hair removal near eyes, the skin will be prone to breakouts and irritation after facial laser hair removal, it is better to avoid using makeup for some time. This will help keep your skin clear and skin. If you have to wear makeup for a special occasion, use mineral makeup and not even non-comedogenic makeup.

Body wraps make your skin smooth

If you had a full body laser removal, give your body a body wraps. These wraps infuse the skin with moisture, emollients and other ingredients that help repair sensitive skin and to give silky and smooth skin.

Though you will be wearing a body wrap, don’t miss on applying a quality moisturizer after your laser hair removal treatment. The moisturizer will boost your skin and make it responsive to at-home moisture infusion.

Avoid going into the sun for a week after laser hair removal as your skin is then very sensitive to heat and sunlight. By avoiding sun exposure after laser hair removal, your skin heals faster and quickly generates a fresh layer of cells.

Promote healthy skin by removing dead skin cells

Though your skin will be sensitive after laser skin removal, it is better to exfoliate the skin after the procedure to remove dead skin cells and to promote healthy blood circulation. By removing dead skin cells, you make it easier for your skin to heal over time.

Remember that you will not be able to see positive results immediately after laser hair removal. However, with the help of the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to take good care of your skin after the treatment and make it easier and faster for your skin to heal and regenerate.

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