Getting Breast Implants After Pregnancy and Kids

During pregnancy, breasts swell and change due to hormonal changes. After birth, your breasts may not change again until you are done breastfeeding. Once your little one is weaned, you may feel like your breasts look deflated or simply different than they did before. It’s a common feeling, and moms should know that they are not alone. There is plenty you can do to improve the look and feel of your chest.

While breast changes are mainly caused by pregnancy and no longer breastfeeding, there is also often rapid weight gain and then rapid weight loss. These fluctuations can leave you feeling like there is something to be desired with your chest. Breast implants for moms are very common, and can help reduce some of the less desirable effects of pregnancy on your breasts.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation for Moms

  • Gives you the breast size and shape you’ve always wanted
  • More natural nipple placement than with sagging breasts
  • Creates an even chest with both breasts the same size
  • Gives moms amazing cleavage for exciting fashion choices
  • Can help you feel better about yourself
  • Improved self-esteem can lead to more social fun and job confidence
  • Improved sexual relationship due to more confidence

Considerations Before Getting Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

If you want to get a breast lift or breast implants after pregnancy, you should wait at least six months after pregnancy or after you stop breastfeeding to give your chest time to get back to its fullest state.

You should also wait until you are done having children because each pregnancy will affect your breasts. A pregnancy after you have implants could cause sagging breasts once more, resulting in the need for a new procedure. However, if you do have another pregnancy with implants, breastfeeding the new baby is usually not a problem as long as the incision was not on or near your nipple. Implants pose no risk to the baby.

Sagging breasts after pregnancy can be exacerbated by other factors too. Smoking, general age and having a higher BMI may make some breasts saggier than others.

Keep in mind that you will likely not be able to return to your normal levels of activity for at least a few weeks during your breast augmentation recovery, though you may feel great as soon as five days after the surgery. It might be a good time to send the kids to their grandparents.

Some moms feel guilty for wanting to have a nice body after pregnancy, but they shouldn’t feel that way. You have given a lot of time and energy to your family, and now you should take a bit of time and energy for yourself. You deserve to look and feel great!

Which Type of Breast Augmentation Should You Get?

There are four main types of breast augmentation that most moms consider. To find out which one is exactly right for you, schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Breast Implants

A breast implant is a silicone- or saline-filled FDA-approved device that makes your breasts look larger. The size is pretty much up to you, although a surgeon will give you an idea, sometimes with the help of VECTRA 3D imaging, of what will look best. There are also choices for shape depending on the natural shape your breast has already. Keep in mind that breast implants are not designed to last forever and that your breasts will change naturally over time. Many breast implant patients come back years later to update the shape or get a lift. Most recommend getting implants replaced after 10 years, but many implants last longer.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is a procedure that gets rid of excess skin from stretched and sagging breasts and gives your chest that youthful bounce. It is a great option for moms who were busty before and still have their sizable breasts but just want them to be perkier. The results from this procedure last a long time, and they last the longest if you maintain an active and healthy lifestyle that keeps your weight stable.

Combination of Breast Lift + Implants

This is probably the most popular procedure for moms because it gives you everything you want. Some patients choose to get a breast lifts without implants, but combining the two could get you the best results. You get perky breasts and larger ones too. It is a total makeover for your chest that is perfect for moms with currently sagging breasts.

Fat Injections

Some moms love fat injections because it combats two problems at once. The surgeon will liposuction fat out of a problem area and then put the excess fat into the breasts. The most popular area for laser lipo among moms is the abdomen, which can develop a “mommy pooch” look after some pregnancies. Many moms like this idea because no foreign bodies go into the body, and general anesthesia is not necessary.

Consider a Full Mommy Makeover

A full mommy makeover in Houston is a total body redo for moms. Breast implants and lifts are typically part of a mommy makeover, as are a tummy tuck, liposuction and sometimes brachioplasty. It can improve the way you feel about your whole body and is more than just a breast procedure. It is a large undertaking that takes as long as six weeks to recover from, but the results are worth it.

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