How Is Waist Sculpting Surgery Performed?

Waist sculpting surgery is a body contouring procedure that helps give your body that classic and desirable hourglass shape. It is particularly effective for people who have lost a sizable amount of weight and still have a lot of excess skin. If you have worked hard, chances are you want the opportunity to feel great and show it off!

Waist reduction surgery is also great as part of a mommy makeover in Houston. Pregnancy can stretch out your skin and this surgery can help to get rid of that “mommy pouch” look. This is more than just your average tummy tuck. It works on many different areas of the body to give you the look you want.

Benefits of Waist Reduction Surgery

The benefits of small waist surgery are right in the name. It reduces the size of your waist and gives you the perfect shape. For many patients, waist surgery can be the last step after a long weight loss journey that finally leads to happiness and satisfaction. Waist sculpting has minimal recovery time for such a drastic change, and compared to other procedures doesn’t involve a whole lot of pain.

The results of waist cinching surgery usually last for a while. It is not the type of surgery that can easily be reversed, as long as you keep a healthy and active lifestyle. While some results are seen as soon as waist slimming surgery is over, most patients continue to see improvement months and even up to two years after the surgery.

How Does Waist Plastic Surgery Work?

Each waist contouring surgery is completely different and there are many different techniques, depending on the needs of each patient. The procedure mostly involves tightening skin to give it a smoother, fit and youthful appearance. Waist surgery sculpting obviously includes the abdomen, but depending on your specific situation, may also include the buttocks, groin area or thighs, since those are also important parts of the body for the perception of your waist.

Before any surgery to reduce waist size you will have a consultation with a plastic surgeon, during which you will discuss all options for waist reduction. Make sure to inform your surgeon about your complete medical history. Once a surgery is agreed upon, you can begin preparing for the big day. You may have to adjust current medication, get clearance from your regular physician or stop smoking in order to be at peak health for your procedure.

Sometimes this surgery is done on its own, but it can also be part of a full body lift or a mommy makeover. This can include a breast lift or augmentation, and Houston arm lifts to get rid of unsightly flaps of skin. Of course, adding more procedures may affect your overall recovery time, so keep that in mind when planning plastic surgery.

What Techniques Are Used During Waist Contouring Surgery?

Liposuction is one of the main techniques used for this procedure. However, there are several different types that can be carried out. Regular “lipo” is done with a tube connected to a vacuum. It sucks excess fat tissue out through small incisions made around the waist. Some stubborn cases benefit from SmartLipo Triplex. The laser melts the excess fat, making it easier to remove via liposuction. A similar procedure is ultrasound liposuction which uses frequencies to liquify excess fat, making it easier and faster to remove.

In conjunction with liposuction, lifts are also a major component of waist sculpting. Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, is often what comes to mind when trying to reduce waistline, but a lower body lift can also improve the look of your thighs and butt. A mid-body lift helps smooth your entire torso, giving you that hourglass figure you’ve always wanted. Any combination of these procedures would be considered a waist shaping surgery, as long as the goal is to give you a smooth, bikini-ready waist.

Recovery After Waist Shaping Surgery

After waist plastic surgery, you can expect to be laid up for at least three weeks. During this period, you must take it easy and avoid any activity that could strain or abrade your surgical incisions. Directly after your surgery, you may have some tube drains placed, depending on your needs. You will also be bandaged up, and potentially have to wear compression clothing to keep pressure on the area.

Your doctor will give you all the information you need to recover successfully, which will include how to care for your incision sites and drains, and what medications you can take to assist your recovery. As with any surgery, your surgeon will schedule a few follow up appointments to make sure that everything is healing up nicely and on track to give you an amazing figure with a smooth waist.

There will be minimal scarring after any surgical procedure such as this one, but with care and attention you can minimize the scarring and get the results you want. Some scars are a typical part of body contouring in Houston, and most patients feel they are worth the often life-changing effect.

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