Chemical Peels: Skin Care Before and After

MedSpa in Houston offers patients with a chance to beautify their face while removing any damage the outer layers have received by sunlight, pollution, and age by chemical skin peels. It is one of the oldest cosmetic procedures in the world and is still loved due to its immediate effect on the skin. It is an easy procedure but must be performed by a cosmetic surgeon to be properly applied. It can help reduce acne, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones.

Each chemical peel is customized for each patient based on their personal skin type and what type of results they are looking for. A Houston MedSpa offers chemical peels before and after photos for patients to see what results they can expect. Chemical peels and acne are known nemeses, which is why people choose chemical peels to get rid of their unwanted facial acne. Surgeons understand that every patient has different skin and want to give them a chemical skin peel that achieves the desired result.

It is important to care for skin to recover from a treatment after chemical skin peels. Patients must know what type of treatment they are getting to know what care is required afterward. Light treatments typically allow patients to resume their normal activities right after the treatment with minimal tightness and redness in the face. Deep chemical peels may require special moisturizers that your surgeon recommends. After a few days, when skin starts to flake, patients must refrain from extreme facial expressions to prevent any cracking and bleeding which can lead to scarring.

Chemical peels in Houston are performed as an outpatient procedure. While chemical peels are convenient and non-invasive, it is still important to know what steps should be taken after the treatment is finished. Cosmetic surgeons can discuss proper skin care techniques between skin rejuvenation procedures so the skin stays healthy in between visits. They may also recommend certain skin care products that they prefer their patients to use at home.


Houston MedSpa, Clinic, performs chemical peels and other skin rejuvenation procedures by professional plastic surgeons. Patients can relax viewing Hermann Park and the Houston Skyline while getting their procedures done for natural, glowing skin.

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