Have a photofacial Houston to look years younger

Photofacial Houston is a cosmetic procedure that is performed using gentle, pulsed light treatments with the intention of rejuvenating your skin. With this skin rejuvenation, the appearance of sun damaged and aged skin is improved while facial and neck redness and flushing is considerably reduced. With a photofacial, your skin looks much younger than it actually is.

A Houston photofacial comprises of a series of full faced, gentle pulsed light treatments that help rejuvenate your skin. It not only reduces facial and neck redness and flushing, it also helps improve the appearance of aged skin. It helps by eliminating broken capillaries, redness, brown spots, large pores and even helps reduce fine wrinkles.

Photofacials is based on Hi Intensity Pulsed Light Therapy where high intensity pulses of light and not lasers, is used to penetrate the skin to make you look younger. The reason light is used is because at present, there is no laser existing that can duplicate the efforts of intense light therapy in skin rejuvenation.

Photofacial Houston also help in removing telangiectasia or the purplish bluish veins on the face, hemangiomas or the reddish, purplish blood vessels that resemble a blister, freckles, port wine stains, tattoos, spider veins, minor sun damage, flat birth marks, hypo-pigmentation and flat birth marks.

Moreover, a photofacial is the only therapy available that can help treat the redness and flushing associated with rosacea. It also helps in reducing pore size while treating mild acne scars to give smooth and healthy skin.

The process

The intense photofacial light used by your Houston cosmetic surgeon emits a series of gentle pulses on the face that is quite different from laser treatments. The light is emitted in different wavelengths to penetrate all the skin levels where abnormal and easily dilated vessels are found. In contrast, lasers only produce a single wavelength of light that is limited in its penetration depth and treatment options.
The advantage of having a photofacial is that it helps improve the appearance of your skin with little or no down time. Its results are similar to that of a medium depth laser or chemical peel or any other skin rejuvenation process, but devoid of blisters, burns and a long downtime.

As there is no need of taking leave from work to get glowing, smooth and blush-free skin, photofacials are best for busy people who  place a lot of emphasis on their appearance. All it takes is about thirty minutes for a photofacial treatment and can be easily squeezed into a lunch break. So if you are looking for the perfect skin rejuvenation with minimal downtime, your Houston cosmetic surgeon will definitely suggest a photofacial.


The cosmetic surgeons in Houston are expert in providing women with the best anti-aging method like photofacials in Houston to look years younger than they actually are. Whatever the skin type and signs of aging one suffers from, Houston cosmetic surgeons at produce customer satisfaction and desired results.

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