Help with Juvederm After Care

After a Juvederm session, you find that its aftercare is relatively easy and nothing to worry about. Basically, a Juvederm session lasts 6-9 months where you may need some touchups after six months, especially in areas that are prone to maximum movement like the lips.

Some people may require a touchup during the first two weeks after the first treatment. After this, you need to undergo another Houston Juvederm treatment where each subsequent treatment lasts longer than the previous one. If you are not keen on having additional Juvederm injections, the hyaluronic acid of Juvederm naturally absorbs into your skin and leaves on traces of a cosmetic filler.

Major Tips for Juvederm Aftercare

After your Juvederm session, avoid over exposure to heat and sunlight as this only increases the swelling and bruising at the site. Avoid getting chemical peels, laser skin tightening, laser skin resurfacing and any other form of laser enhancement as it may lead to inflammation.

Avoid flexing facial muscles

Most people who have undergone Juvederm treatment experience slight swelling that subsides within the first few days after the injection. However as the healing process differs from person to person, some people may experience redness and swelling for a longer time than others.

Your Houston medical spa doctor will advise you to avoid flexing the facial muscles of the area treated as stretching of these muscles will disturb Juvederm gel. So avoid sudden movements like laughing in the treated region for a day after the treatment. You could use a cold pack to reduce the swelling and redness of the injected skin.

Try placing a cooled tea bag or a cloth soaked with white vinegar on the bruise, and leave it on for some time to help your wound heal faster.

Don’t get your Juvederm treatment on the day of your event

If you eat more of leafy green vegetables a few days before the filler, you can limit the bruising of Juvederm. Try to consume at least 60-80 mcg of vitamin K without supplements, everyday.
Place a cloth immersed in distilled witch hazel to the swollen parts to reduce swelling.

The most important thing to remember about Juvederm™ treatment and other injectables in its class is that they are temporary and the effects will eventually fade. And if you are thinking of getting a dermal filler or Juvederm treatment before a social event, don’t have Juvederm done on the same day. Remember that there is a chance of mild redness and swelling occurring after the Juvederm procedure.

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