How to prepare yourself for a TUBA surgery

With the right preparation, you will be better prepared emotionally and physically, have better recovery and a positive experience after the TUBA. Here is some help and advice to get you ready for your TUBA.

Once you have chosen your TUBA surgeon and ascertained the rates and time required to carry out the TUBA, your doctor will set a date for the operation. You will then have to attend a pre-operative appointment where your doctor goes through your pre-and post-operative instructions, lab tests, pregnancy test, medication lists and other examinations. This is when you may have to pay your surgery amount.

Make sure your surgeon knows your post-operative breast size goal. If you have any additional questions, doubts or concerns about TUBA, this is when you have to voice it and get it cleared. Next, you have to get prepared for your surgery.

If you have no caregiver, set up your recovery with extra blankets, bottles of water and keep medications within reach. Prepare some meals before your surgery or keep a stock of microwaveable foods and soups, fruit and quick snacks ready for you.

As you will need some rest after your TUBA surgery, rent some movies or buy books to keep you entertained during recovery. Place fresh batteries in remote controls and flashlights and in anything else you may require.

Keep something nearby to help you reach things out of reach or drop as you can’t bend during recovery.

As you cannot bend over to feed pets and clean litter boxes, or pick up heavy things including your children, have someone care for your pets and children for the first few days after the operation.

Similarly, have someone take care of cleaning your house, laundry and throwing garbage as you can’t attend to these chores during recovery time.

You should not take any form of aspirin or aspirin-containing medications at least two weeks before your surgery. Ask your surgeon for a list of medications you have to avoid before surgery.

It is normal to get anxious before the surgery, so relax with a facial massage or by practicing Tai Chi or Yoga.

To prevent the chances of a bacterial infection after the TUBA surgery, scrub your skin and wash your hair with an anti-bacterial liquid soap for a few days before surgery.

Last, but not least, relax. Your chances of an easy and efficient recovery is lowered with increased stress. With these tips, you will be both emotionally and physically ready to go through your TUBA surgery without any problems.

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