Houston Breast Reduction Surgery: 5 tips for maximum results

Women who opt for Houston breast reduction surgery are generally those with breasts large enough to cause back pain. Moreover, large breasts are not always becoming, especially if they are not proportionate to the body, or if the woman feels uncomfortably conspicuous.

Although a reputable Houston cosmetic surgeon may reduce the breast size through surgery, there are some rules that have to be followed after the surgery to ensure longer lasting effects.

  1. First and foremost, all the plastic surgeon’s instructions should be followed to ensure there are no complications. The patient will be advised to wear constrictive bandages for a few weeks and also to avoid doing any strenuous exercises. although exercise is permitted 2-3 weeks after the breast reduction surgery, the any exercise program should include activities that require only minimal effort.
  2. The bra one wears after breast reduction plays a large role in the effects of the surgery. Too loose or too tight bras damage the breast tissues and causes deformities. Your cosmetic surgeon in Houston is the best person to turn to advice for the right bra to be worn to offer support to the breasts after surgery.
  3. Changes in weight can influence the effects of a breast reduction operation. The frequent losing and gaining of weight leads to the breasts losing their elasticity and thus makes them look larger. To prevent this, maintain a consistent weight through regular exercise and a healthy diet.
  4. Pregnancy causes ones breasts to grow larger and affects the results of the surgery. Discuss with ones cosmetic surgeon the advisability of performing breast reduction surgery, especially if there are plans for pregnancy in the future. Most women opt to have this surgery after giving birth, to achieve lasting effects of the procedure.
  5. Some women also opt for massages to stimulate collagen formation so that the effects of the Houston breast reduction surgery last longer. In cases of weight gain, some women also consider undergoing a gentle liposuction procedure to remove the excess weight.

For women suffering from burdensome breasts and the resultant complications, especially bad posture and subsequent back problems, breast reduction offers their greatest hope of relief. With the use of proven techniques including proper bra size, weight maintenance, an appropriate exercise program, and a proper post-surgical recuperation period strictly observed, breast reduction surgery for over-endowed women can withstand the tests of time.

The cosmetic surgeons in Houston are expert in providing women with the sleek, sculpted curves they covet, whether through breast reduction, breast lift, or breast implants in Houston. Whatever the body type and the anticipated procedure, the breast experts at produce customer satisfaction and desired results.

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