Why Smartlipo is a smart choice

Liposuction in Houston provides help for those who, no matter how much they diet or exercise, they seem to find it difficult to lose weight in some parts of their body. Depending on the case, Houston cosmetic surgeons can use liposuction to remove excess fats from some parts of the body like neck, buttocks, thighs and stomach.

However, continuing research has lead to an even more advanced method for removing excess fat, called SmartLipo liposuction. Through the use of laser technology, fat cells are destroyed and then safely removed via suction through cannula (a small tube attached to a needle). In addition to the pinpoint accuracy of laser obliteration, the SmartLipo cannula used are much smaller than those used in traditional liposuction. They are not larger than the needles used for injecting anesthesia. For removing excessive, stubborn fat, SmartLipo is much less painful than traditional liposuction. It is performed only under local anesthesia, and with no need for anything more potent.

Complete body sculpting

Houston SmartLipo gently removes fat through tiny aspiration canula, with practically no blood loss. Moreover, as the patient is awake during the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon can perform a more accurate and complete fat sculpting of the body.

The only drawback SmartLipo poses is the possibility of burning of fat and skin by the laser if the tissue is not correctly saturated with wetting solution. The wetting solution commonly used here is dilute local anesthetic, which contains epinephrine which helps in reducing the amount of blood loss. This eliminates the drawback when well-practiced Houston cosmetic surgeons carefully attend to detail.

While comparing costs, SmartLipo is more expensive than traditional liposuction. However, considering the faster recovery time, reduced trauma, and improved results compared to traditional liposuction, SmartLipo is truly the smarter choice.


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