How Different Is Professional Microdermabrasion Treatments from In-Home Kit?

There are a growing number of at-home microdermabrasion kits including scrubs, creams, and battery-powered applicators.  Everyone wants to find a simple solution for their cosmetic treatments which makes in-home kits especially appealing.  The big question is whether or not these kits provide good enough results to act as a substitute for professional Microdermabrasion with DiamondTome procedures.

The Technological Differences between Professional and In-Home Microdermabrasion

Professional microdermabrasion treatments rely on advanced machines designed to polish the skin.  This is achieved by using a pressurized stream of particles to improve the treated area.  Professional microdermabrasion has been shown to remove dead skin cells, create a smoother skin texture, improve skin tone, as well as treat fine lines. Microdermabrasion with DiamondTome utilizes a crystal-free, diamond-tipped applicator to achieve this.

In-home microdermabrasion kits rely on a treatment process and technology which is inferior.  The systems rely on less effective application methods as the particles are mixed with creams or scrubs.  Even if they are rubbed on with a battery-powered applicator, the overall effect is significantly less noticeable than a professional treatment.  In most cases, in-home microdermabrasion kits will provide similar results to what you can receive from a basic exfoliation scrub.

Benefits of a Professional Microdermabrasion with DiamondTome Treatment

In order to achieve the best possible results from microdermabrasion, it must be utilized in an even and uniform manner.  Doing this at home is extremely difficult which minimizes your chance of getting the results you want.  Plus, significantly uneven treatments create a risk of damaging your skin.  The most commonly reported types of skin damage include uneven pigmentation, burns, and scarring.  On the other hand, getting a professional microdermabrasion treatment ensures excellent results which appear even and smooth.  Not only does a professional treatment provide you with access to top-of-the-line technology but also highly trained staff.

If You Are Considering Microdermabrasion for the First Time…

For many people who are considering an in-home microdermabrasion kit this is their first experience with the procedure.  This is the absolute worst time to do it yourself.  Even if you do not plan on getting a professional Microdermabrasion with DiamondTome treatment on a regular basis, it is important to ensure your first experience is a good one.  After you have experienced professional microdermabrasion and understand what type of results it can provide you can speak to your dermatologist or skin care professional about in-home kits.

By getting a professional microdermabrasion treatment first you will be able to more accurately gauge how effective the in-home kits really are.  Most people who still want to use the in-home kit will integrate it into their exfoliation and skincare regiment.  While this does not eliminate the need for a professional microdermabrasion treatment, it may be able to lengthen the time between appointments.

There will always be a market for in-home products which attempt to serve as an alternative to professional cosmetic treatments.  It is important to understand the in-home treatments are rarely, if ever, as effective as those found at a professional Houston med spa.

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