Smartlipo TriPlex vs. Traditional Liposuction – A Patient’s Point of View

Smartlipo Triplex is the latest technology in the area of liposuction.  As with all new technologies, patients have a number of important questions they need to be answered.  In most situations, a patient is trying to decide between several liposuction-related options to discover which one is best suited for their needs.

SmartLipo vs. Traditional Liposuction

This is a closer look at what Smartlipo Triplex offers compared to traditional liposuction in Houston from a patient’s point of view.

Smartlipo Triplex Does Not Require General Anesthesia

Both Smartlipo Triplex and liposuction are medical procedures which should only be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.  With traditional liposuction, you must undergo general anesthesia.  This can increase the risk of complications, as with any procedure using general anesthesia, and lengthens the procedure time. Smartlipo Triplex requires only a local anesthetic.  This allows it to be an in-office procedure which allows the patient to go home that evening.  Local anesthesia also only a few of the risks associated with general anesthesia.

Smartlipo Triplex is a Less Painful Procedure

Another common concern for patients is how much pain is involved with the procedure. Smartlipo Triplex is significantly less painful both immediately following the procedure and throughout the recovery period.  A study conducted in 2009, utilized the pain scale to compare traditional liposuction to Smartlipo Triplex.  Three hours after treatment, patients from both procedures reported a similar amount of pain.

The most significant difference was seen during the recovery time.  With Smartlipo Triplex, the highest point of pain was three hours following the procedure and it slowly decreased over the next 10 days.  With traditional liposuction, the pain significantly increased over a period of 5 to 6 days and began to fall over the next 10.  The highest rating on the pain scale for Smartlipo Triplex was a 1, whereas traditional liposuction peaked at a pain rating of 6.

Smartlipo Triplex Significantly Shortens the Recovery Time

Patients who undergo the Smartlipo Triplex procedure can often resume work two or three days following the treatment.  Traditional liposuction forces patients to miss at least a week of work if not more.  As an added bonus, Smartlipo Triplex is an in office procedure because it only requires a local anesthetic.  This means once the procedure is complete, patients are able to return home the same day.  Since traditional liposuction relies on a general anesthetic, hospitalization may be required for 24 hours or longer following the procedure.

Smartlipo Triplex Simultaneously Tightens Skin

A final important factor to consider is how these treatments deal with the loose skin which remains following the procedure.  With traditional liposuction, nothing is done to improve or remove the loose skin which remains in the area where the fat is suctioned out. Smartlipo Triplex simultaneously removes fat and helps tighten skin.  This is because the skins natural collagen production is stimulated where the lasers are used.

Both traditional liposuction and Smartlipo Triplex are popular options and both provide benefits to patients. Smartlipo Triplex has proven to be just as effective as traditional liposuction without the pain and long recovery time.  From a patient’s point of view, Smartlipo Triplex is an easier procedure to recover from, less painful, and decreases the risk of loose skin remaining in the target area.

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