How to Sleep After Breast Augmentation Surgery

So, you decided to take action and improve your self-image through breast augmentation surgery. Your breasts will look and feel great within a few months. Sleeping after breast augmentation surgery can be difficult. But for now, how can you get a solid night’s sleep without causing pain, pulling stitches or in any way harming your recovery?

What’s the Best Way to Sleep After Breast Augmentation?

Your cosmetic surgeon will probably suggest that you sleep on your back for at least the first several weeks after breast augmentation surgery. Even if you don’t usually rest in that position, you’ll probably find it the most comfortable option because your breasts will likely be swollen and bruised after surgery. Don’t worry, swelling after breast augmentation is normal. Sleeping on your back also prevents your breasts from moving around and straining your healing tissues.

Most importantly, sleeping on your back prevents your newly improved breasts from becoming misshapen in any way. Favoring this position, at least for the first several weeks, allows time for your body to heal the breast tissue in the right shape around the implants.

So, if you’re not a back-sleeper, when can you sleep on your side after breast augmentation?

When Can I Sleep on My Side After Breast Augmentation?

For people who don’t like sleeping on their backs, the first several weeks post-op may be uncomfortable. After you’ve done some healing during those weeks, you’ll be ready to try sleeping on your side. Your doctor may want you to hold off until he sees you for a follow-up appointment around the three-week point. Don’t try to sleep on your stomach yet.

When Can I Sleep on My Stomach After Breast Augmentation?

Of all positions, sleeping on stomach after breast augmentation puts the most strain on your breasts. That’s why your doctor might ask you to avoid doing so until at least a few months after your surgery, depending on how well your healing is progressing. When you do try out this position for the first time after surgery, the size of your new breasts might make it too uncomfortable to sleep at first.

What Are Some Tips for Sleeping with Breast Implants?

Supporting your body is essential for proper sleep after breast augmentation surgery. Wear a sports bra to bed every night during the first few months after surgery. That support will minimize breast movement and make you more comfortable.

Use pillows to cradle your body and keep yourself from moving into an uncomfortable position overnight. For several weeks after surgery, stack pillows under your back and neck so you can sleep about halfway between sitting up and lying down. This position will minimize the pressure on your chest, helping you breathe comfortably. That’s important as your body adjusts to the new weight of your implants.

Once you’re ready to try sleeping on your side, wedge a pillow in front of your body so your breast rests against it rather than against the mattress. Place another pillow behind your body to prevent you from rolling around in your sleep. You may want to alternate which side you sleep on at first.

If lying on your back or stomach makes it impossible for you to sleep, or if you struggle to breathe in these positions, call your doctor. Getting adequate rest helps your body heal, so it has to be a priority — even if that means sleeping on your stomach before you planned to.

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