Sex After Labiaplasty – Does Labiaplasty Affect Sensation?

If you are about to undergo a labiaplasty surgery, it’s likely you have already spoken with your Houston plastic surgeon about the ordeal and what to expect.

Still, many patients are concerned with what happens following labiaplasty surgery. They want to know the answers to questions like, “Can I have sex after labiaplasty?” “Does labiaplasty affect sensation?” and “Does labiaplasty increase or reduce the sensation during sex?”

This depends on two factors: the type of surgery you opted for, and how long your body needs to heal.

It’s recommended that people avoid strenuous physical exercise or having sex until at least four weeks. To be on the safe side, wait about six weeks, and then continue with your normal sexual activities.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is vaginal rejuvenation surgery. It is a common surgical procedure that many women choose, which reduces the size and appearance of the labia minora. With some women, excess skin and tissue on the labia can lead to uncomfortable chafing and soreness. So it is a surgery that both helps you look better and feel better.

Surgeons achieve a better-looking vagina by either removing excess tissue on the labia or by laser surgery. When done well, this is a very successful and popular procedure. There will be no visible signs of a surgery or even incision.

After Surgery: Listen to Your Body

While waiting for the incision to heal, be kind to your body and care for it, resting during the recommended period. It is more important to heal well than to heal fast. Just think of how much more enjoyable sex will be if you give your body adequate time for healing.

Will A Labiaplasty Bring About Changes in Sensitivity?

This is one of the biggest questions we get asked. To make it easier to understand, during a labiaplasty it is bodily tissues that are removed; no nerves are damaged or removed.

Therefore, the sensations and sexual pleasure you feel will be the same. Don’t expect any big permanent changes in sensation—whether enhancement or reduction—after surgery.

What you can expect, however, is a definite improvement of sexual satisfaction. You will have more fun, comfort, and confidence during intercourse, which will, in turn, make the experience more pleasurable.

People who come to us with oversized labias or want to fix the asymmetry are always encouraged and relieved afterward. It is a quick and common procedure.

Using Vaginal Lubricants After Labiaplasty

You will have to come back to your doctor to remove the stitches, and then he or she will speak with you about when you can have sex again. Each case and each person is different.

While waiting and recovering, try comforting your body with a sitz bath or other natural remedies. Ask your doctor which supplements are recommended for the body’s healing after a labiaplasty.

We recommend using a lubricant only after the six weeks post-op. This is to avoid any possible infections or discomfort while the body tissue is healing. Use only hypoallergenic lubricants, and start out with sexual activity slowly, monitoring any pain or other sensations you may feel.

Be sure to check back in with your doctor regularly and come in for follow-up procedures. If there is anything unusual that you notice after the four to six-week healing period, be honest with your surgeon so you can recover properly.

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