Laser Hair Removal: Stop Scarring Your Skin with Repeated Plucking and Wax

Houston laser hair removal is available for both men and women that want to remove hair from the legs, arms, underarms, face, bikini lines, and other areas where unattractive hair is a problem. Clients often see permanent hair loss after three to five treatments. It is then they are free of bumps, burns, nicks, and the hassle of shaving. With a professional cosmetic surgeon, the treatments are done carefully to prevent unwanted side-effects.

A common question people want to know is: Does laser hair removal work? The answer is yes!  Laser hair removal concentrates on hair follicles when they are in an early growth phase. The laser stops the follicle from producing hair at the time of treatment. Multiple treatments are needed to stop any current hair growth. The amount of time a treatment takes to be performed varies on the body that is to be treated. Some only take a few minutes, while others last for several hours.

A Houston cosmetic surgeon performs the laser hair removal treatments that are gentle, long lasting, and non-invasive. Some patients see laser hair removal side-effects, which range from slightly reddened skin to localized swelling. Cool compresses and moisturizing helps reduce the skin’s level of irritation. Darker skin conditions may see some blistering of the skin, but this is still very rare. After laser hair removal treatments are performed it is recommended to put sunscreen on the treated areas that are exposed to the sun. Fortunately, there is no down time with laser hair removal and patients can immediately return to their normal activities.

Men and women that have frequent nicks, burns, and bumps after shaving see a real benefit in laser hair removal. Those that are simply tired of continually shaving an area also enjoy the convenience laser hair removal brings them. While there may be some minor side-effects, patients can get back to their lives with virtually no downtime at all. An experienced and professional cosmetic surgeon makes the procedure as comfortable as possible for their patient. __________________

Houston cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mark A. Schusterman, performs Houston laser hair removal treatments. Other treatments they offer include Houston breast implants, body contouring, and Houston facial rejuvenation.

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