Laser Lipo facial rejuvenation- reduces facial fat within an hour

As the name suggests, laser lipo facial rejuvenation is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to remove facial fat. This latest technology works at the precise removal of facial fat while strengthening and tightening surrounding skin using the help of laser liposuction.

The reason for the increased popularity of Houston facial rejuvenation is that it is minimally invasive. Small and few incisions are all the doctor makes to carry out the procedure. The Smartlipo laser heats the skin from underneath and treats the specific areas of the face using the help of selective liposuction.

The heat of the laser liposuction induces tissue coagulation which in turn leads to skin tightening in the treated regions. This melted fat is then drained out of the body naturally or through a small suction device.

Your cosmetic surgeon in Houston will apply local anesthesia in the region to be treated to minimize discomfort and pain during the procedure. Only 2-3 incisions are required for the rejuvenation procedure, where each incision is only about a cm in length.

Only an hour to complete

The whole process takes about an hour to complete, and is the reason why most people opt to have it done during their lunch hour. Once the skin and tissues start healing after laser liposuction, the body starts producing more collagen.

This gives a smoother and more toned appearance to the face, to make you look years younger. Results are usually progressive and differ from individual to individual. It all depends on how fast the skin heals and how fast healthy cells start replacing damaged tissues.

Hide acne scars

In case the patient also suffers from actinic sun damage, acne scars or additional laxity in the facial and neck muscles, the Houston facial rejuvenation procedure benefits them too. It helps with the resurfacing of the outer skin layer and thus improves your facial appearance from both the inside and out.

If required, once the skin has healed completely, your Houston plastic surgeon may use dermal fillers to add contours and improve your appearance. This of course, will be decided upon by you and your surgeon based on your needs and requirements.


Our Houston cosmetic surgeons are expert in providing women with the face they have always wanted. Houston facial rejuvenation is carried out with the help of laser liposuction with minimal pain and discomfort. Experts at always aim at producing customer satisfaction and desired results through Houston facial rejuvenation.

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