Makeover for Moms: The Finishing Touch

Makeover for Moms Houston provides the perfect solution for the “baby body”. Our children our our greatest gifts, but they certainly do a number on our bodies. Besides the stretch marks, our breasts sag, our hips bulge, and that baby lump on the tummy defies all manner of exercise. The effect is even greater with multiple pregnancies. For women of a healthy, normal weight, Makeover for Moms applies the finishing touches to your efforts in restoring your previous profile.

Makeover for Moms procedures

Houston cosmetic surgeons are offering a surgical procedure which helps to restore new mothers to their former figure. While the development of the treatment plan is tailored to each specific client, the makeover combines several surgical procedures at one time to improve the breast, abdomen flank, and buttocks areas. This is a makeover every mom dreams of.

Tummy Tuck:

Let’s be honest, after pregnancy most of us still have that bit of leftover tummy. A tummy tuck Houston takes care of what defies the sit-ups. The skin covering the abdomen is tightened above and below the belly button. As with all scars, the tummy tuck scar which extends along the lower abdomen fades with time. Wearing a swimsuit will easily cover it.

Breast Augmentation:

While a client’s future plans for pregnancy must be weighed in the balance when considering breast restoration, there are three options available: lift, implants, and augmentation.

  • breast lift primarily involves restoring the nipple to its pre-gravid position. It also entails removal of stretched skin subsequent to pregnancy and nursing. No artificial implants are required. However, a breast lift does not restore the loss of upper breast tissue which happens as the hormones of pregnancy and nursing recede.
  • Breast implants, either silicone or saline, pre-filled or inflatable, generally can be inserted beneath the skin without otherwise manipulating it. After the enlarged breasts of pregnancy, some women discover they prefer a more shapely profile and so opt for breast implants.
  • Our Houston Breast augmentation provides the best of both worlds: implants to increase size and improve shape, and a lift to restore the nipple to its proper place and firm up the skin overlying the breast, thus adding further stabilization to the form.

SmartLipo and Conventional Liposuction:

Liposuction in Houston permanently removes fat deposits that are in localized areas and are not affected by exercise, such as the hips, thighs, and knees. This is included in the all-in-one makeover procedure.
The patented SmartLipo system makes use of finely tuned lasers to target fat cells and liquefy them, which fluid is then removed with a much smaller cannula than is used with traditional liposuction. SmartLipo in Houston causes much less damage to surrounding tissue than other treatment modalities, and therefore causes less pain and a significant reduction in blood loss. Clients recover far more quickly after SmartLipo, a major consideration when mothering infants and small children.

Body Lifts:

Missed something? Houston cosmetic surgeons allow clients to add procedures as required, including lifts (removal of excess flabby skin) of arms and thighs.

While a healthy diet and dedicated exercise are the best solutions to “baby body”, the most strenuous cannot restore elasticity to the skin, completely banish the cellulite, or return breasts to their firm pre-pregnancy state. Makeovers for Moms offers some well-deserved polish for mothers dedicated to regaining their sculpted form. _____________

The all-in-one procedure Mommy Makeover was developed and are performed by renowned Houston plastic surgeons, unacknowledged leaders of the plastic surgery community. Museum District Plastic Surgical Center is a premier facility fully equipped to perform liposuction, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation in Houston, Texas.

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