Laser tattoo removal: improving on the past

Laser tattoo removal Houston  is used by most women to erase mistakes of the past. In fact, almost 60% of the women who get a tattoo need to get them removed later on in life because of a new job, a new love in life or just because the tattoo brings back wrong memories.

Although there are other tattoo removal options available, Houston tattoo removal using a laser is very effective. Modern laser technology makes it possible to remove tattoos quickly, without much pain when compared to other tattoo removal options. Moreover, with the right precautions, the possibility of any infection and scarring arising after laser tattoo removal is reduced.

When you remove tattoos in Houston using laser, the doctor will target the tattoo with bursts of light that penetrate beneath the skin layer. This light absorbs the tattoo ink, and shatters it into tiny fragments. These fragments of ink are then transported away by the body immune system.

A choice of lasers

The Houston cosmetic surgeon will choose between using the Q-switched Nd, YAG, the Q-switched Ruby and the Q-switched Alexandrite lasers to remove the tattoo. The reason these lasers are used for removing tattoos is because they emit short but strong pulses of light.

Based on the size of the tattoo, the plastic surgeon will need about 20 – 30 minutes for tattoo removal. Sometimes, you may have to undergo more than one session to remove the tattoo.  The number of sessions required to remove a tattoo differ from person to person, and depends on the color of the ink used, the size of the tattoo and how deep the tattoo is injected. It is advised to have a 3-4 week break in between these laser tattoo removal sessions.

The sooner, the better

Superficial tattoos are the easiest to remove while older tattoos are more difficult. Moreover, tattoos of consistent depth and with dark ink colors are easier to remove using laser than lighter colored tattoos.

Although there is some discomfort associated with laser tattoo removal, most people say that it is similar to a snap of a rubber band on the skin. However if you have a low pain tolerance level, your Houston cosmetic surgeon will apply a numbing agent on the area before beginning the procedure.

No longer inescapable are tattoos procured during a reason-impaired lapse of judgement and regretted with a return of sobriety.  Neither are the scars subsequent to surgical removal any longer more unsightly than the tattoo itself.  Through the constant advancement of technology and procedural techniques, laser tattoo removal is instrumental in erasing mistakes of the past.

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