Reducing scars with microdermabrasion

Unfortunately, most of us suffer from some sort of injury or acne scars that really embarrass us. Severe acne scars are caused by cystic acne, and injury scars occur even with a small cut or bruise. However instead of worrying about these scars hampering your beauty, you can now reduce the intensity or remove these scars through microdermabrasion in Houston.

Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment that is best performed in a medspa supervised by Houston cosmetic surgeons. Microdermabrasion helps reduce the appearance of all scars and even stretch marks. It also helps treat other skin problems like skin pigmentation and wrinkles and is today one of the most popular laser skin rejuvenation treatment options available.

Lunch-Hour Skin Rejuvenation

Besides helping in removing scars, microdermabrasion is very popular as it is a relatively fast cosmetic procedure that can be performed even during your lunch break. Within half an hour’s time, it can treat even fine lines, age spots, sun damaged skin and other skin problems.

Trained and certified professionals are the most adept at performing a microdermabrasion. They first assess the severity of the acne and develop a treatment plan.  Traditional methods consist of using a rotating brush and aluminum oxide microcrystals which act together in removing the topmost layer of dead skin.  However, the latest Houston microdermabrasion innovations such as DermaSweep™ no longer require the painful and harmful aluminum oxide.  Rather, a uniquely configured brush and powerful vacuum power work in concert with milder and more effective solutions to reveal the softer, younger skin beneath.

Microdermabrasion may not immediately produce younger and fresher skin as the difficulty may run more than one layer deep. Depending on the extent of scarring, a few sessions of microdermabrasion will decrease mild acne scars.  However, for severe scarring, laser resurfacing may be required to achieve the desired result. scars and stimulates the production of collagen in the skin.

Microdermabrasion stimulates collagen production which helps replace scarred and damaged skin with younger and softer skin.  After a few sessions, skin resurfacing leads to new, radiant and rejuvenated skin. Moreover, the exfoliation in Houston microdermabrasion helps in eliminating dry and rough skin to give hydrated and softer skin with diminished fine lines and wrinkles. All this contributes to more supple, soft and youthful looking skin.


The Houston cosmetic surgeons at Medspa carefully supervise the services provided by trained health care professionals.  In addition to microdermabrasion with DermaSweep™, other services include Houston Botox injections,laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal in Houston.

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