Surgical Options for a Sagging Chin

A sagging chin is one of the first signs of aging. Sagging skin is a natural component of aging and can be caused by loose skin, banding or fat. While sagging skin can happen in your 20s and 30s from factors such as prolonged sun exposure and weight loss, it is more common in those who are older. However, this condition is one of the easiest to correct with surgery. Discover three approaches to chin sag correction you might expect from a plastic surgeon.

1. Liposuction

Liposuction is useful for correcting fullness that appears underneath the chin. According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, liposuction was the second most popular surgical procedure in the United States, with as many as 235,237 proceduresbeing performed, in 2016. This surgical procedure’s goal is to remove excess fat in the body, and it is instrumental in enhancing the appearance of a sagging chin because liposuction can trim the area.

This surgical procedure can involve laser-assisted liposuction or suction-assisted liposuction. Laser-assisted liposuction uses a laser to melt away fat before using the cannula—a hollow tube used to collect suctioned fat. The suction-assisted liposuction is standard and involves suctioning fat cells that are loose and relocating them to the cannula.

The advantage of liposuction is that it does not require a secondary treatment thanks to its long-lasting results. Recovery takes up to two weeks and requires wearing a chin strap. However, this procedure is ideal for patients who typically have stronger skin elasticity, such as patients in their 20s through early 50s.

2. Smartlipo Triplex

Smartlipo Triplex is an additional sagging chin surgical solution you can explore. This type of cosmetic surgery procedure is less invasive than a standard liposuction since it can be conducted using just small instruments and local anesthesia. This means you’ll likely experience less bleeding, swelling and bruising than you would with a traditional liposuction.

This surgical procedure involves an FDA-approved laser energy device specially designed to aid with firming skin by liquefying fat. It helps to tighten skin and typically takes up to one hour to perform. Recovery time can take a few days, which makes it viable if you need to recover over a weekend or return to work in as little as 48 hours after the procedure.

3. Facelift

Facelifts help to tighten sagging skin and facial tissue and can include neck-contouring procedures that improve the aesthetic of your chin. The advantage to facelifts is that they can have long-lasting results, typically ranging from 10 to 15 years. Recovery may take between one and two weeks.

The procedure involves making incisions around the neck and face, such as close to your temples and at the front of your ears. The goal of this cosmetic surgery is to help eliminate the skin that sags underneath the chin and to reconstruct a natural, youthful-looking contour to the chin, neck and face. You can customize your facelift procedure to focus on an area of preference, such as your chin.

Final Thoughts

Getting your preferred look doesn’t have to be limited to one surgical procedure. You have options and can choose the sagging chin surgical solution that best fits your needs. You also don’t have to make the decision on your own. Leverage the expert knowledge and skills of a professional medical team, such as Houston-based Nobilis Health. Contact Mark A. Schusterman, MD, FACS at Nobilis Health for a consultation on the options for rejuvenating your look.

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