New Body Contouring Liposuction Procedure

You may have heard about this new procedure on television shows and wondered what the fuss is all about. BodyTite is also referred to as “RFAL,” which is an acronym for “radio-frequency-assisted liposuction.”

It’s a great alternative for people who want to enhance their figure without necessarily removing a lot of fat. This newer type of cosmetic surgery procedure is popular with those who have loose skin or extra fat around the abdominals.

You don’t have to be excessively overweight to benefit from BodyTite. Many of the patients who choose BodyTite are women who only want to remove a bit of fat, like post-pregnancy mothers who have excessive loose skin or older patients who would like to regain a more youthful shape through waist shaping. BodyTite helps eliminate the embarrassing back fat that often peeks through tight-fitting clothes. It uses radio frequencies while inserting a cannula, which is a thin, needle-like tube. The process is generally painless and quick.

Here are four reasons why you might want to consider this new type of liposuction:

1. It’s generally safer.

Due to the micro-cannula use during a BodyTite session, there is less risk of infection. This advanced technology, radio-frequency-assisted liposuction tightening, is ideal for body contouring. With this method, doctors can liquify fat cells before removing them. Compared with other forms of liposuction, BodyTite causes less trauma to the treated area, lessening the risk of complications during or after surgery.

2. It’s a quicker procedure than other forms of liposuction.

Perhaps you have heard about—or even experienced— soreness or stabbing sensations during other liposuction treatments. Although anesthesia and pain medication can numb those painful feelings, you’ll probably want something that is less traumatic. You also want results that won’t leave you with scars or a long recovery time. If you combine BodyTite with other procedures, then it’s nice to know that this will be quick.

For busy people with little time for recovery, BodyTite is a good choice. It provides exceptional contouring and lipolysis results with a minimally invasive procedure. This means you need a lot less time to heal—just a couple of weeks.

3. It’s more effective for some people.

BodyTite, with its ability to enhance collagen repair, may be up to 40 percent more effective in skin-tightening than traditional forms of liposuction. The main reason it’s so effective is that the radio-frequency energy is able to heat tissues from the inside out, coagulating the fatty tissue without damaging other body tissues in the surrounding area. This way, your surgeon can more effectively target the trouble spots that need fat removal and skin tightening.

4. It’s a one-time, consistent treatment.

With this precision-thermal application, you only need one treatment. In a few minutes of plastic surgery, you can achieve surgical results without the scars and downtime. In the long run, it’s a better investment as it doesn’t require as many follow-up treatments like other liposuction surgeries. Specialists often combine BodyTite with other conventional surgical procedures such as breast augmentation liposuction or eyelid surgery.

However, please note that for some people, a traditional liposuction procedure is sometimes the best option. You’ll need the evaluation of a plastic surgeon to determine which method is most effective for you in the long run.

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