The Emergence of MedSpas For Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

The term MedSpa was coined as a fusion of day spa and medical facility. A day spa is an expanded version of a beauty salon whereby both are engaged in the business of providing personal care services. At the root is the beauty salon, known for providing hair and nail treatments such as manicures and pedicures. As the salons began to add more and more personal care treatments, they expanded into being day spas.

The term day spa comes from the fact that all the services can be performed in one day, as opposed to over a period of time. There are also location specific spas such as airport spas, as well as those specific to the service provided such as nail spas. In general, day spas provide facials, body treatments such as wraps or aromatherapy, various types of massage and nail treatments. The origins of the word spa dates back to ancient times when water was considered a curative, especially water emanating from a mineral or hot spring. The word is attributed to two sources, one from Belgium, espa or fountain and the other from the Latin, spagere, to moisten.

According to the International Medical Spa Association, for a facility to be designated a MedSpa, there must be a licensed health care professional on the premises at all times. MedSpas usually offer services within the scope of the licensing of their professionals. As the name implies, the services are performed within a private and relaxing day spa atmosphere. MedSpas are found in various aesthetic and medical fields such as Non-surgical Cosmetics, Medical Diagnostics, Medical Therapy and Wellness.

A MedSpa specializing in non-surgical cosmetic procedures is usually a direct result of a board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon deciding to expand a surgery practice into non-surgical cosmetic procedures. This move has also been fostered by the rapid development and advancement of rejuvenation products, minimally invasive surgical techniques (MIS) and laser technologies, all of which are usually included in a beauty MedSpa roster of services. Facial and skin rejuvenation and body contouring are the two primary goals of clients who frequent MedSpas. Houston laser hair removal and tattoo removal procedures are also popular services.

Cosmetic dentistry has entered the MedSpa realm by offering a blend of cosmetic dental procedures and non-surgical facial rejuvenation processes employing injected dermal fillers. The teeth impact facial contours and all the laser techniques available cannot correct the ramifications of missing teeth. Dental solutions for less severe problems include whitening of the teeth, dental implants, veneers and bridgework. The rehabilitation of the entire mouth can also be performed when warranted. Very often, the overall health and visage of an individual can be affected as a result of a lack of proper dental care.

As people are living longer, there is a huge push to look younger as well. This is evidenced by the millions of people who pursue a variety of non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures each year. Even the recession only stemmed the tide in 2010 by 2%. As products and technologies advance it is anticipated that the MedSpa concept will expand as well.


The Houston Medspas are expert in providing women with the best non-cosmetic surgical methods to women and men look years younger than they actually are. Whatever the skin type and signs of aging one suffers from, Houston cosmetic surgeons at produce customer satisfaction and desired results.

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