Thinking of A Nose Job? Here Are 6 Myths of Nose Surgery Debunked

Nose surgery or nose job or rhinoplasty is the second most popular cosmetic surgery performed today. Everyone seems to want to get their nose done, but you should not jump into it without first doing some research. This is when you may come across some myths surrounding rhinoplasty. So here is an attempt at dispelling these top nose surgery myths!

Myth #1: You get horrible bruises

Some pictures of people who have undergone rhinoplasty have black eyes. Though bruising is natural, it depends on the patient and the surgery. Some people need their nose fractured or broken before surgery while others need only a tip raise. While some people tend to bruise more easily than others, the doctor’s delicacy at performing the nose surgery also plays an important part in the patient’s bruising experience.

Myth #2: It’s only a nose job

As this surgery takes only 1-2 hours, most people think that it is a simple procedure. However, it is actually the most challenging surgery in plastic surgery. This is because it requires both surgical expertise and artistic elements.

 The surgery is all about proportions where a dorsal hump is removed just to make your tip look droopy or the removal of a small nose which is not proportionate to your face size and looks rather unnatural.

Myth #3: Wanting your nose to look like a celebrity’s nose

No one nose size fits all. Just because one person’s nose looks great on them, it does not indicate it will look good or natural on you. You need to have realistic expectations which help achieve a natural and beautiful nose.

Myth #4: Painful

Given the structure of the nose surgery, you may think that the surgery is really painful. However, it is not as you experience more of discomfort than pains. You may experience some pain as the anesthesia subsides, which is relieved through pain medications.

 Most people who have undergone rhinoplasty Houston say it feels just like a cold as there are nose congestion and sore throat because of the breathing tube placed down the throat during surgery.

Myth #4: Insurance coverage

Most insurance providers do not cover rhinoplasty as they are usually performed for cosmetic reasons. Some patients, however, opt for a nose job because of functional issues like breathing problems because of a deviated septum. Insurance providers may provide insurance coverage in such cases.

Myth #5: Any plastic surgeon can do a nose job

Plastic surgeons who attend medical school for their degrees also have a specialty. This means they perform and specialize in some types of surgeries. As rhinoplasty is a complex procedure, make sure your chosen surgeon has performed lots of plastic surgeries. You thus know they have lots of knowledge on the aesthetic and functional components of a nose job.

Myth #6: Too long downtime

Surgery downtime is an important aspect of any surgery. The downtime for rhinoplasty is rather short wherein you can return to work after a fortnight or even a week if you don’t mind returning with bandages.

80% of the surgery’s swelling usually reduces within 21 days of the surgery. While strenuous exercise can be resumed about 3-4 weeks after the surgery, driving can be resumed a week after the surgery.

With these 6 myths dispelled about nose jobs, you can now make a more definite and confident decision about undergoing the operation!

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