Male Breast Reduction – Houston

Whether the condition is called “man boobs,” “moobs” or “gynecomastia,” the reference point remains the same. All three terms refer to the enlargement of male breasts, which can range from mild, nearly invisible swelling to noticeable breast formation. Although usually harmless and not always permanent, many men are embarrassed by this “feminine” trait and undergo male… Read More »

5 Reasons to Consider Breast Reduction

Many talk about wanting bigger breasts, but did you know a significant number of people actually want smaller breasts? A Houston plastic surgery procedure known as a breast reduction achieves this result. Patients choose it for many different reasons. If any of these reasons sound familiar to you, then breast reduction may be right for you. 1. Back Problems Large breasts can cause… Read More »

Is a Breast Reduction Procedure Right for You?

Many women who undergo a breast reduction procedure or reduction mammoplasty do so for various health or personal reasons. There are psychological reasons as well, and they are usually very valid. Disproportionate Bodies Some women experience their breasts growing too large compared to their body’s proportions. They get breast reductions to even out their body’s proportions and… Read More »

4 Reasons to Consider Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Although cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, there are quite a few people whose life might benefit greatly from breast surgery. Indeed, despite the trend towards all-natural bodies, the breasts remain the one area of the body that is impossible to lift or make firmer on your own. Therefore, breast surgery is often the only choice… Read More »

Breast Reductions Basics: What You Need to Know to Make Your Decision

Popular culture includes frequent references to breast size, and the theme is generally “bigger is better.” Unfortunately, that isn’t always true. Women who have large breasts can experience a number of medical issues that motivate them to consider breast reduction surgery. Health concerns aren’t the only problem that women with large breasts face. In many… Read More »

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